Lead Submission

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Visit this page and select a state / city:

Once you select one, like for example “Los Angeles, CA”, you’ll get a page like this:

At the very top, you’ll see “los angeles w” then “wst | sfv | lac | sgv | lgb | ant”, these are all other cities and surrounding areas, so you can click on those to get a subset of ads / jobs etc… specific to that region.


Anyhow, while on this page:

Under the “jobs” column, you’ll see a bunch of links. The ones to look through would be for the following:
– art / media / design
– internet engineers
– software / qa / dba
– systems / network
– technical support
– web / info design


Here are some keywords to look for. The more keywords an posting has, the more likely it’s a good match:

WordPress, WooCommerce, BuddyPress, HTML(any #), CSS(any #),UI, UX, Photoshop, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, API, Mobile, Developer, Manager/Management, Director, Freelance, Contract, Design, Senior/Sr. Developer, Engineer, Prototypes, Mockups, Apps, IOS, Android, PhoneGap, JSON, XML, JS, jQuery, Drupal, Angular, Slack, Git, GitHub, BitBucket, JIRA, Confluence, Wireframes, Graphic Design, ECommerce, Brand Design, Hosting, System Administrator, Front-End / FrontEnd, Start-Up, Redis, Laravel, Webmaster, CTO, Agency, Telecommute, Remote, LAMP, QA, Full Stack

I’ll try to add more keywords as I think of them.


Once you find a Lead, then you would come back to this page and fill in the form at the top.

Let’s take this ad as an example:

  • FULL NAME: If there is someone’s name listed as a contact, enter that in the Full Name field on the form, otherwise enter “Unknown”.
  • COMPANY NAME: If you look through the text, you’ll see that this “job” is for someone’s client, so this might be an Agency who is trying to source the project for a commission. That’s okay. In this case, for the Company Name you can just put “Unknown, maybe an Agency”, but just something to indicate that it’s not available.
  • EMAIL: If you scan through the text of the ad, you’ll see it hits a bunch of the keywords listed above, so this might be a good match. Look at the top area of the page and you’ll see a “reply” button. If you click that, you’ll get a little popup that opens. You’ll see a “copy and paste into your email” address – rqmzp-5670449576@job.craigslist.org. So this would be the Email address you would enter in this form on this page.
  • COMPANY URL: Sometimes, you’ll find a URL to the company listed in the ad. That’s what you would put in this field. If it’s not listed, a quick Google Search for the Company Name (If available) will usually find the URL to that company. If it’s nowhere to be found, just enter https://modded.com.
  • CITY & STATE: This is the City & State that you are browsing in on Craigslist aka. The location of the project / job.
  • SELECT A SOURCE: This is simply “Where did you find this ad / listing?”, so in our examples, we would just select “Craigslist”. There are a couple others listed if you start to venture to other places to look. If you find good matches elsewhere that is not listed, just select “Other” and provide the URL to the place you found it. I’ll add that new Source to the dropdown.
  • PROJECT TYPE: Here’s a description of what each type is. You’ll mostly be finding the top 3, and that’s okay. You can also find this (it’s usually accurate) in the CraigsList ads, under the little map on the ad “employment type: contract” for example.
    • Project – This is just a fixed budget, short-term client who needs something done. Usually they will say something like “I need a site built.” or “I need someone to fix my website” or “I need an app built.”. These projects will range from 1 to 3 months.
    • Employer – This is the typical employer. A job offering of either Part-Time or Full-Time. Typically it will indicate some kind of salary, 401k, PTO, Health/Dental etc… These are worth looking at, because many times, they will be open to doing Corp 2 Corp, Freelance, and Remote/Telecommuting for the right person. Even if it says “In-House Only”, sometimes it’s still worth looking at.
    • Contract – This indicates that it’s a fixed-duration contract. Typically 3+ months. Similar to “Project”, just a longer duration and usually have a larger budget. Many times they won’t list a budget, where a “Project” might.
    • Partner – These are Agencies typically. In LA, we have a company called “Creative Circle” who manages many developers, designers etc… and have some big corps as their clients who frequently go to them for various projects. If you come across an Agency, possibly like what we found in the #4 example, you can do 2 things here. If you can figure out who the Agency is (they like to stay hidden in many cases, because they want as many applicants as possible and developers hate Agencies LOL), but it’s an Agency attached to a project… First submit the Project / Job… Then submit the Agency as a separate Lead as a “Partner”. What a Partner can do is refer other leads. So if Modded ends up working with them, it would refer more business.
    • Affiliate – You probably won’t find too many of these, but it’s in there anyhow. This is basically a person who earns commission for referring leads.
  • JOB/PROJECT URL: This is just the URL to the ad of the specific job/project. Not the company URL as above. So if I need to go look through it, I’ll have the direct link.
  • ESTIMATED PROJECT VALUE: If you see any financials in the ad, just select the most appropriate value of the ad / lead in this dropdown. For example, if it’s a FullTime job that pays $80,000/yr – then select the $50,001.00 – $100,000,.00 option.
  • PROJECT DURATION: If available, enter the duration of the project (usually available for freelance and contract projects)
  • JOB/PROJECT TITLE: This is the title of the Ad, or the Job/Position Title.  In the example for #4, it would be the “Interaction Designer – Freelance” at the top.
  • Paste the Job/Project Description Here…: This is simply a Copy / Paste of the ad itself. In the example above, it would be the page text starting with “Our client, a global entertain…” and ending with “Send your portfolio today!”
  • Have they been constacted already?: Yes/No – This should usually be just “No”, unless you reach out w/ a Modded branded email address (@modded.com) to obtain more info about the project. We can work up to this later.
  • Who is submitting this lead?: This is just for tracking purposes.

That about sums up the CraigsList Lead Submission process. It’s the same for just about any source though. One other listed source is ZipRecruiter. I currently have the email updates going to moddedlead@gmail.com, which I will provide the credentials for. You might see some leads in those emails or on the actual website: https://www.ziprecruiter.com/ But the submission process would be the same.

Another couple sources are http://www.indeed.com/ and http://www.dice.com/ – But any job posting site is good to go to. I just find CraigsList to be a bit easier to sift through since it lets you browse cities, where the others, you might need to think-up different cities, which after you hit the main ones, it can be a bit daunting.