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Welcome to Modded!

Here’s a point we can all agree on: anyone who believes that your internet presence is not a huge factor in your businesses overall success is stuck in the 90s. (And if they gave you this opinion over their car phone with Sting playing in the background, that only supports my point!)

I don’t have to pull my punches any more. We’ve entered a time when you must have an online presence, and social media just isn’t enough. A business without a functional, responsive website just isn’t taken seriously these days. Consumers expect a strong internet presence, and any business that fails to deliver is bound to lose trust and credibility.

You don’t want this happening to your business, and neither do I. Entrepreneurs and business owners have to stick together, and I know as well as anyone that our number one resource is time. That’s exactly why many small businesses have never stepped into the online arena. When you’re running the show – whether you’re a florist, dentist, restaurant, or retailer – you don’t exactly have the time to learn how to design, code, and maintain a website.

You don’t need help…you need a solution.

Modded is a digital solutions company. What that means for you – the business owner – is that we’re ready and able to make your online presence work for you. We specialize in small business web design, but our services go well beyond hyperlinks and HTML; Modded is about engineering success for small businesses who need to stay competitive in the online market space.

Whatever you can imagine for your businesses online presence, we can make happen. From small business web development, to basic web design, to bespoke eCommerce portals, Modded has you covered.

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About Us

We’re Modded, and our entire team is dedicated to providing top-tier web design and implementation for clients worldwide. We approach every project with professionalism and experience, and our top priority is creating a responsive, engaging, and effective online presence for our clients.

We understand that every website must be designed with a purpose in mind. While an attractive and consistent appearance is important, that’s not the point of a website. The purpose is to attract traffic, and guide that traffic toward a certain behavior. Whether that means calling to make an appointment, placing an order, or joining a mailing list, there is always an end goal.

The Modded Team

Introductions are in order…

We’re a diverse group professionals who are able to collaborate on our clients’ projects thanks to Modded’s virtual office business model. Our team members are located throughout the United States (we never outsource overseas) and represents a broad range of skills and talents.

Project Managers

Each client is assigned a project manager to ensure that all of their needs are assessed, addressed, and met. Your satisfaction is their primary goal, and they accomplish this goal by coordinating the rest of the team and quality-checking along the way. Rest assured that each of our project managers is an experienced business leader and well-versed in every step of the development process.

Graphic Designers

Images and graphics go a long way towards making a website compelling and informative, and an organization can’t represent itself properly without plenty of logos and branding. Our graphic designers are experienced artists, skilled in multiple mediums and capable of delivering eye-popping final results.

Web Designers / Web Developers

Website layout is an art form in itself, and our web designers are standing ready to show you what they can do! When it comes to sales funnels, responsiveness, and traffic management, our designers know their stuff. Ready to kick things up a notch with a really innovative project? Our web developers are experts in CSS, HTML and Javascript coding and can put the unlimited power of the internet at your disposal.

Content Writers

A website can’t just be pretty…it has to be populated with words that really speak to your visitors! Our writers are skilled in many forms and styles – including SEO-optimized copywriting – and will make sure your website engages, informs, and converts. Of course, because we never outsource our work, you can be assured that all of our content writers are native English speakers.

Online Marketing Consultants

Do you need a mailing list and email campaign? Social media integration? Chances are, if you’re not using the many great means of online marketing to your advantage, you’re missing out on plenty of new business! Our specialists in this field will be glad to discuss your options and help you build them right into your new website. More conversions with less work…that’s hard to beat!

As a Modded client, your goals become our goals, and we design your website with that in mind. We take pride in our history of successful projects and happy clients, and we want to add you to that list.

The simple philosophy we embrace at Modded reflects that goal:

Deliver world-class customer service from start to finish.

Let’s get this started!

Now that you know more about the Modded team and our philosophy, I’d like to invite you to take a look at [some of our past projects]. If you’re ready to get moving on redefining your organization’s online presence, then [click here to get a free estimate!]